Friday, September 22, 2006

Netherlands is really an international country XD

Recently I was searching the information about graduate studies at Netherlands, I found out so many interesting and cute details. Here's one of them (from Dutch immigration authority, FAQ):
Do I need to be married to be able to bring my partner, or can I get a visa for my boyfriend or girlfriend as well? What if I have a partner of the same sex?
You can get a visa/residence permit for your partner even if you are not married. The partner can be of the same sex as yourself. The main criterion is that your relationship needs to be "durable and exclusive" and you must be living together.
That's really outstanding. What an open country...XD

Thursday, September 21, 2006


The situation now is intricatingly exciting.

There are so many issues about credits, courses, and graduate studies that I must contemplate on. And the preparation of GRE and TOEFL is a winding road.

Though, I won't fall.
Because of you.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


應該我第三次在這板上用這個標題吧, 很高興能夠繼續用下去.

再兩個禮拜就開學了, 感覺這暑假過得很快(比以往啦). 有些號稱要生的東西還是沒法生出來, 不過想想, 其實也早知道最後結果吧. 自己的本性就是這樣, 隨隨便便的, 就是懶.... 要不是有學點法文, 還真是腦袋空空啊.

大四, 在我們系上大部分的人都跟教授好一陣子了, 只有少數人, 像我, 現在才開始起步. 老實說我並不怎麼期待實驗室生活. 有時候坐在實驗室裡, 腦袋一直在想著怪點子, 但是眼前的工作離那卻好遠. 我很期待開學的原因, 就是可以上社課, 稍微脫離僵化的教育體系...就算只有一下下, 也很讓人滿足.

或許我還是比較喜歡當(ㄤ/ㄤˋ)學生 XD