Thursday, September 06, 2012

美國科幻課程初體驗 補充閱讀清單 (持續更新)


On the Poetics of the Science Fiction Genre by Darko Suvin
Introduction: Reading Science Fiction by Farah Mendlesohn (Cambridge Companion)
The Icons of Science Fiction by Gwyneth Jones (Cambridge Companion)

Short Stories:

Kirinyaga (1988) by Mike Resnick
The Last Article (1988) by Harry Turtledove
Peaches for Mad Molly (1988) by Steven Gould
Schrodinger's Kitten (1988) by George Alec Effinger
Stable Strategies for Middle Management (1988) by Eileen Gunn
Surfacing by (1988) by Walter Jon Williams
The Dragon Line (1988) by Michael Swanwick
The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter (1988) by Lucius Shepard

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