Sunday, July 29, 2007

Singularity Sky (by Charles Stross)

這是 Stross 第一本出版的小說。雖然精采度不如 Accelerando, Glasshouse 系列,但我仍覺得是很不錯的作品。書中當然有 Stross 最喜歡提的 singularity (天啊),還有他那用不盡的新奇點子。

故事描述未來人類"被"散佈在宇宙中,有些星球社會結構跟地球完全不同。新共和即是這樣的一個世界。當其屬地被一種自稱 Festival 的生命體侵略(?!)後,新共和決定派出艦隊前往擊退。其中來自地球的戰艦技師 Martin 和 UN 外交官 Rachel 也在船員當中,他們各有不可告人的隱藏任務...。

不可否認 Stross 的書會有很多酷炫的專有名詞,如果不大懂生物,物理之類的可能會看不大懂。例如本書中一開始就有利用相對論,企圖使用 closed timelike path 來取得戰略優勢的情節。不常看科普書的一般大眾可能會沒辦法理解 light cone, timelike,spacelike...etc. 這類名詞吧!? 還有所謂的"人本理論"...應該不是每個人都聽過吧!?書中對其他宇宙生命的描述,也用了不少生物方面的專有名詞,要不是修過一些生物學的課,我日常生活應該不會去碰到這些詞彙。

啊,雖然評價普遍不好,但我還是想推一下。(續作 Iron Sunrise 評價普遍好很多)

Stross 真多產...套句貓昌的話,讀者的確幸福。


Joseph Chu (Conteur) said...

Hello Anubis:

This is Conteur from SF2. Thanks again for introducing us (all the users at SF2) to your Cyberpunk world. I am reading Glasshouse, it is intresting, but I can't say I would become a dedicated fan of Cyberpunk SF world in the nearest future. I am of a more conservative and academical taste, due to my age and background. But certainly, there are a lot of good ideas, good technique in the achievements of Cyberpunk writers that we can learn and improve our own skill. I just started reading Glasshouse, so far, I have this feeling that he is describing a computer "game."

No, you don't belong to SF2. As far as Scifi concerns, your level is much higher than most of us, let alone the Award Organization never included the Cyberpunk genre into their domain.

But I was amazed by your scientific/academic study, to me, becoming a scientist is very important and hard, harder than writing; and a scientist can certainly contribute more to the human kind than an amateur writer like me.

- Joseph Chu (Conteur)

Pai said...

Thanks again for your message!

I'll post my thinking of "Glasshouse" within a week.

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